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Hrudopal. Manor park

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The first written mention: XVIII?

Spelling variations:
Hrudopol Hrudopal Hrudopal Hrudopol Grudopol Grudopal

52 51'59.91"N, 25 41'1.07"E

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Lost heritage

Hrudopol (Hrudopal)

Remnants of the Hrudopol park are located on the eastern border of the Ivacevichi district (Belarus) near the Ivacevichy-Sluck highway. Together with Reginov, Rudnev, Ivacevichi and other manors located along the river Schara, Hrudopol belonged to the Jundzill family. After the rebellion of 1863, all these manors belonging to the Jundzills were seized and handed over to the Russian Vorontsov, and after an amnesty by the Tsar again returned to the Jundzill family.

At the end of the XVIII century a substantial one-story wooden house, rectangular in plan, nestled by a smooth shingle roof was built here. The main facade had an isolated porch. The manor house had a set of traditional areas: a lounge, dining room, living rooms, bedrooms, library, office, etc. A large landscaped park was set out and a family chapel was built. Farm buildings including a brewery, workers quarters and office buildings, built outside the park. There was also a hunters lodge.

In the years 1914-1920 (1st World War) it was occupied by the German army and heavily looted. During the period between the two world wars, there was an associated timber industry, and much hunting.

After the 2nd World War the manor in Hrudopol was used as a hospital. Time and different circumstances have changed the original appearance of the manor-park complex. Now the remnants of the past include a park with about 10 hectares, 2 entrance alleys, one of which used to be bordered with white lilac trees, foundations of the manor house and the chapel destroyed in the 1970's. Some of the old park layout and planted trees are still visible.

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Hrudopal.  Manor park

Hrudopal. Manor park (XVIII/XIX) The west alley in the park of Hrudopol Photo © . | 02/05/2011

Hrudopal. : Lost heritage | Photo

Hrudopal.  Manor of Jundził

Hrudopal. Manor of Jundził (XVIII) Jundziłł manor in Hrudopol Photo © kresy.pl | < 1917

Hrudopal.  The tomb

Hrudopal. The tomb (XIX) Chapel in the Judzill manor Hrudopol. Photo by Jozef Boretti Photo © . | 1894