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Zakoziel. Industrial activity in Zakaziel

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The first written mention: 1858

Spelling variations:
Закозель Закозель Zakoziel Zakoziel Заказель Закозелы Zakozel

52° 7'41.26"N, 25° 0'7.31"E

What to see:

Lost heritage

Zakoziel. : Places of interest | selected photos

Zakoziel.  The tomb of Orzeszko

Zakoziel. The tomb of Orzeszko (1838-1839) Photo © Зьміцер Маркоўскі

Zakoziel.   Industrial activity in Zakaziel

Zakoziel. Industrial activity in Zakaziel Exterior Photo © Wiktor Orzeszko

Zakoziel.  Manor park (fragments)

Zakoziel. Manor park (fragments) (XVIII/XIX) Photo © Wiktor Orzeszko

Zakoziel. : Lost heritage | Photo

Zakoziel.  Manor of Orzeszko

Zakoziel. Manor of Orzeszko (XIX) Photo © К. Шастоўскі


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Здравствуйте у меня Бабушка с дедушкой из соседней деревни Я постараюсь у них распростть Может они что нибудь знают...
So, we have a story. My Grandmother Pawlawski Married Nowak, in Korsun 1920?. Landholders there, her Mother's Father's tomb we believe is the Orzeszko Tomb. We visited in 2009, but all of the glass tomb's were removed, and church destroyed. My Father remembers going there as a boy, before going to Military / Tech school in Brzest. Does anyone remember our family there in Korsun / Zakozial?
Borys, look my page
Best regards
Wiktor Orzeszko

dear wiktor,
thank you for the informations..we`ve only two fotos in bad condition from the manor house....my grandfather boris sigfried florian orzeszko who died some years before collected some old fotos and informations about our family-history...his father still lived about the 1900century with his brothers there....and i`m interested in contacts to other members of our clan.....!
best r...