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Babrujsk. Catholic church of the Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary

Babrujsk - travel guide - photos and attractions

The first written mention: 1387

Spelling variations:
Бабруйск Бобруйск Bobrujsk Babrujsk Bobruysk Babruysk Bobruisk

53° 7'52.03"N, 29° 13'42.35"E

What to see:

Lost heritage

Babrujsk. : Places of interest | selected photos

Babrujsk.   Kacnelson mansion Kacnelson mansion

Mansion in Babrujsk is the monument of modern architecture

Babrujsk.  Synagogue (ruins) Synagogue (ruins)

Street facade

Babrujsk.  Synagogue Synagogue

The only one opened synagogue in Bobrujsk

Babrujsk.  Synagogue Synagogue

Former synagogue at Kamsamolskaja sreet in Babrujsk

Babrujsk.  Synagogue Synagogue

Synagogue at Dziarzynskaga street

Babrujsk. : Lost heritage | Photo

Babrujsk.  Orthodox church of the Holy Spirit

Babrujsk. Orthodox church of the Holy Spirit (XIX)