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Dziaržynsk (Kojdanava). Defensive Fortifications

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Dziaržynsk (Kojdanava).  Calvinist church

Dziaržynsk (Kojdanava). Calvinist church (1613-21) Calvinist church in Kojdanava. Photo from early XX century


The first written mention: 1442

Spelling variations:
Дзяржынск (Койданава) Дзержинск (Койданово) Dzierżyńsk (Kojdanów) Dziaržynsk (Kojdanava) Койданаў Койданов Koydanovo Kojdanowo Koidanov Koydanov Koidanovo Koidenev Koidenova Kojdanau Kojdanow

53° 41'4.77"N, 27° 7'53.50"E

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