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Kalinkavičy. Orthodox church of St. Nicholas

Kalinkavičy - travel guide - photos and attractions

The first written mention: 1560

Spelling variations:
Калінкавічы Калинковичи Kalinkowicze Kalinkavičy Kalenkovichi Kalinkovichi Kolenkovich Kolenkovichi Kalinkaviczy

52° 7'42.38"N, 29° 19'54.76"E

What to see:

Kalinkavičy. : Places of interest | selected photos

Kalinkavičy.  Town streets Town streets

New orthodox church in Kalinkavichy (1990th)

Kalinkavičy.  Town streets Town streets

Railway station in Kalinkavichy

Kalinkavičy.  cemetery Jewish cemetery Jewish

The tomb at jewish cemetery in Kalinkovichi