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Вераскава. Царква Святых апосталаў Пятра й Паўла

Вераскава - фота і помнікі

Магчымыя варыянты:
Вераскава Вересково Weresków Vieraskava Вераскова Veraskova Wereskowo Vereskovo Veraskou Weresków

53° 45'44.58"N, 25° 54'30.45"E

Што паглядзець у Вераскаве

Вераскава. : Адметнасці | фота выбраных помнікаў

Вераскава.  Сядзібна-паркавы ансамбль Брахоцкіх Сядзібна-паркавы ансамбль Брахоцкіх

Сядзібны дом Брахоцкіх у Вераскаве

Вераскава.  Капліца-пахавальня Брахоцкіх Капліца-пахавальня Брахоцкіх

Пабудавана як капліца-пахавальня Дыбоўскіх, Брахоцкіх

Вераскава.  Вінакурня Вінакурня

Руіны вінакурні ў Вераскаве


I also forgot to mention but I am sure you already know, Elena and Aleksander Brochocki were the parents of Zofia Illinska. ...
On this trip would you be willing to visit Basino (about 20 mins away from Vieraskava) on behalf of the O'Rourke family? I believe this village is connected to the Brochocki family too since Elena O'Rourke, wife of Aleksander Brochocki, was likely born here. There is not much information on this village available on the internet, let alone this website. If you decide to go please upload any photo...
Brochocki Family from the UK, USA and Canada will be visiting in June 2017. Anyone with knowledge of the family is requested to contact us....
Wereskow was my grandfather's estate. My mother lived there. My mother's cousin, her daughters, my cousin, my brother nand I plan to visit at the end of June. Are there any contacts there who may have knowledge of the estate?...
The history of this family and Zofia Illinska's eventual return visit to the estate at Moryn is represented in the novel The Bronski House by Philip Marsden. He was a friend of Zofia's.
In the book, the Brochocki name is changed to Bronski.