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Paniamuń (Hrodna). Chapel

Paniamuń (Hrodna) - travel guide - photos and attractions

Spelling variations:
Панямунь (Гродна) Понемунь (Гродно) Poniemuń (Grodno) Paniamuń (Hrodna) Панямонь Понемонь Ponemon Paniamon Poniemon Paniamon

53° 39'32.33"N, 23° 52'15.94"E

What to see:

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Paniamuń (Hrodna).  Estate of Lachnicki

Paniamuń (Hrodna). Estate of Lachnicki (1771, XIX, XX) Photo © Арцём Аблажэй | 26.05.12

Paniamuń (Hrodna).  Chapel

Paniamuń (Hrodna). Chapel (> 1850) Photo © Иван Цыркунович